The GHA (a company LBG) was formed in 2020 to be the ‘go-to’ body for our sector and to be representative of the views of our members.

We aim to promote the industry’s priorities via partnerships with government, trade partners, media and other relevant organisations.

Our executive board is made up of nine very active industry people, who all care deeply about the industry and also about the Island itself.

The visitor economy and the hospitality industry can both play a major part in the Island’s future growth plan. We firmly believe that as a safe and beautiful set of small Islands, we can provide the perfect destination where visitors can destress, relax and enjoy all the wonderful beaches, cliff walks, heritage sites, high-quality restaurants and be an essential industry that benefits the whole of the Bailiwick.

Our building blocks for recovery can be seen opposite. However, we are aware that the word ‘recovery’ can only be used for so long, and believe we should be looking at a very close to normal scenario in 2024, followed by growth to reach pre-pandemic levels for our sector by 2025.

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The Building Blocks of Our Recovery

  1. Recruitment
    To introduce a robust recruitment solution/process for our industry to enable businesses to return to a maximum trading level.
  2. Population Management
    Relaxation of the population management laws to ensure the industry is fit for purpose and retains skilled hospitality professionals.
  3. Connectivity Strategy
    Development of Air & Sea Links, including Open Skies. Further exploration of the Frontier Report on the possibility of repurposing the runway to enable industry standard planes to fly to GSY. Review Aurigny and Guernsey Airports’ operating model.
  4. Tourism Strategy & Marketing
    Explore a new Arms-Length-Body or Public-Private-Partnership to assess the viable prospect of delivering and managing Tourism Strategy and Marketing from Visit Guernsey.
  5. Investment in Tourism Projects
    Action on investment project to explore opening a Victor Hugo Experience Centre.


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