Ian unexpectedly passed away in September. It was a shock to all who knew him. We were all devastated by the news.

Ian was one of our founding members and a Director of the GHA. He had no hesitation in putting his hand up to get involved in assisting in getting the association up and running, and also putting his hand in his pocket to pay towards the costs required in those initial stages of early Summer 2020.

During the many discussions and meetings that took place with various people, organisations, and States officials, Ian was part of the team that played a critical role in ensuring our industry received the necessary financial support it needed during the pandemic. His vital contribution during those incredibly stressful and trying times will never be forgotten.

Ian was an entrepreneur. He was intelligent, imaginative, sharp, decisive, witty, and never afraid to speak up. He was also empathetic, caring, and generous. 

When any of us needed advice or an ear to bend, we could speak to Ian and know that a sound and thoughtful response would be received. 

Ian was Born in Canada and moved to Jersey in 1973 for government projects as his father was a renowned structural engineer.

Ian became one of the world’s highest regarded Porsche specialist technicians, working his way all the way up from starting as an apprentice in 1975 to being appointed Managing Director of Five Oaks group with over 400 staff in both the UK and the Channel Islands in 1996.

The family moved to Guernsey in 2004 and purchased Abbey Court in 2006 after noticing a gap in the market when he was commuting while living in Jersey.

Later on, Grisnoir Guest House was purchased, and it didn’t take long for Ian to prove himself to be a very astute hospitality business operator.

Ian also gained his yacht master qualification and was a keen sailor.

Ian’s proudest achievement has and always will be his two daughters, Laura and Hannah, along with having Jackie as his Wife.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

RIP Ian.