Statement on GST


The Guernsey Hospitality Association which represents over 80% of the industry are unified in our opposition to GST. 

From our recently conducted members survey, when asked were they in favour of the States introducing GST, 93% of respondents said NO.

Introducing GST will undoubtedly lead to higher drinks prices and more expensive meals out for customers, which in turn would result in a reduction in trade. Also, the extra working hours for businesses to administer GST would add a further unwanted burden.

The association’s stance on this is there needs to be more time and work on producing alternative proposals, and that we will not be supporting the current tax review proposals from P&R at this time.

We are taking interest in the level of alternative propositions from various Deputies including an overnight stay visitor levy, which in fact was originally proposed by the GHA in October 2021 as part of our Tourism growth plan with an Arms-Length-Organisation to be responsible for managing Tourism, which was unfortunately rejected by CfED.

We also back the common-sense approach adopted by Stephen Lansdown in his recent Chamber lunch speech on GST and the future of Tourism Destination Management needing to lie outside of government to increase GDP return.